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Public feedback sought in study on way forward for Malaysia democracy

A detailed study to ascertain the way forward in Malaysia’s democracy is being conducted by a research team led by Datuk Dr Anis Yusal Yusoff.

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patrick wsw
patrick wsw
Sep 03, 2021

In my opinion, there are structural issues with the way Malaysian look at Members of Parliament. In order for the system to work, everyone needs to do their part.

I expect my MP to go to the parliament to debate and discuss policies. Once these policies are discussed and agreed in parliament, these decisions are cascaded to the public servants to implement. At the moment, there are too many interference in implementation to the point where civil servants no longer take responsibility in their day-to-day work.

We are so used to getting an MP to resolve issues quickly because we can bypass the civil servant (as well as very little questions asked). Everyone should go through the same process and…

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